A Trick of the Eye I


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  • an 80 x 80cm box canvas giclée – £425.00;
  • a 50 x 50cm giclée mounted with an off-white mount board (image size 30 x30cm) – £110.00;
  • a 30 x 30cm giclée mounted with an off-white mount board (image size 18 x18cm) – £60.00; or
  • a pack of 6 greetings cards with envelopes, each in a cello bag – £13.50.

All prices include postage and packing within the United Kingdom.  Please get in touch for shipping outside the UK.

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A mirage is a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays bend to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky.  The word comes to English via the French mirage, from the Latin mirari, meaning to look at or to wonder at.  (Thanks Wiki!)  And that was exactly what was happening here.  That ethereal mix of haze and warmth made everything in the distance shimmer as if it might blink out altogether.

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